Keyboard LEDs

Use keyboard LEDs to display Traffic Shaping information

cFosSpeed can use the Num Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs to display information about the current Internet traffic. This is especially useful for gamers and users of fullscreen application, who can’t see the cFosSpeed status window. By using the keyboard LEDs the most important traffic statistics are indicated:

off, fair = slow blink, bad = fast blink
warns you if the ping time is too high
fast blinking as packets are counted
informs you about any traffic to/from the internet
fast blink when a TX packet is prioritized
one of the ways to indicate the effects of Traffic Shaping
maximum of total_rx_speed and total_tx_speed, 0-32%: off, 33-65%: slow blink, 66-98%: fast blink 99-100%: on
informs you, when you or another user / application uses (too) much bandwidth
fast blink whenever the sum of TCP and UDP connections changes
you stay informed if some new connection is established
0-15ms: off, 16-127ms: slow blink, 128-511ms: fast blink, 512ms or more: on
informs you if line conditions (e.g. mobile connections) cause high ping variance

You can select the Num Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs to display any of the above values.

Hint: The actual script for controlling the keyboard LEDs is a javaScript, called led.js. So if you like to display other variables or use a completely different LED blinking scheme, feel free to change it to your needs.

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