cFosSpeed in other languages

>Writing a cFosSpeed multi-language file for your own language

Installation Instructions

                  1. Download the language files and unzip them. You should get two text files.
                  2. Put these text files in the same directory as the file cfosspeed.exe that you’ve downloaded from our web site.
                  3. Execute cfosspeed.exe and select your language in the welcome dialog.
                  4. Continue the installation.
                  5. After a successful installation you can also change the language from the pop-up menu of the cFosSpeed taskbar icon.

Language Files


As a service to you, we have made the following cFos/cFosSpeed localizations available for free download. Since these free expansions have been created by customers for customers, cFos Software GmbH does neither assume liability nor provide technical support for any of them.
For any questions concerning a specific localization, please do contact the author directly. However, should you come across any significant translation errors, omissions or other irregularities (intentional or otherwise), please let us know briefly so we can check up on it.

cFosSpeed – Norwegian language files

translation: Andreas Simonsen

cFosSpeed – Farsi language files

translation: Mohammad Salmani

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