Task Offloading with cFosSpeed

Although cFosSpeed supports task offloading, it depends on a couple of factors:

  • The network adapter must support it.
  • There must not be other drivers in the stack which prevent it, e.g. certain anti-virus filter drivers, VMware or Virtual Box virtual network drivers, Wireshark packet capture. Newer drivers may work, but you have to check it out for yourself by opening the network adapter dialog and unchecking drivers.
    Note: For configuration changes to become effective, you need to reboot your system.
  • There may only be newer network drivers in the stack, at least NDIS 6.30.

You can check, if task offloading is enabled by checking the flags for the active adapter in the cFosSpeed settings (Adapter Info): The following flags should be on for IPv4 / IPV6 receive and transmit: tcpchk, udpchk and for IPv4 also ipchk.

For¬†Large Segment Offloading¬†“Offload LSOv2 IPv4” and “Offload LSOv2 IPv6” should have a¬†minsegcnt¬†of 2 or more.
Currently¬†Receive Segment Coalescing¬†is only active in expensive adapters. If enabled, “Offload RSC” should be¬†IPv4=1¬†and¬†IPv6=1

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