User Skin/Keyboard LEDs

All you need to know about the cFosSpeed Status Windows and Skins

The cFosSpeed Status Windows display important statistics about your current Internet connection. You should choose the skin most useful to you, e.g. the icon skins which integrate into the task bar or the Traffic Analysis skin with real-time statistics about your current different traffic types. Please vote on the different skins. This will help us when designing the next skin window.

Shinnher’s Skin

This compact skin was designed by a cFosSpeed user, who just modified the Liquid Crystal.
You can download the Skin from here: >Shinnher’s Skin

Use keyboard LEDs to display Traffic Shaping information

cFosSpeed can use the Num Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs to display information about the current Internet traffic. This is especially useful for gamers and users of fullscreen application, who can’t see the cFosSpeed status window. By using the keyboard LEDs the most important traffic statistics are indicated: >Keyboard LEDs

Deactivating the cFosSpeed status window

You can deactivate the cFosSpeed status window by right-clicking on it, selecting Window Settings and then deactivating “Auto-show/Auto-hide”.

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